Another 20 Feet

Written By Aaron Hulett

Another 20 Feet is a true story of one man’s journey to understand and embrace God’s role in his life. His experiences and endeavors result in tragedy, triumph, adventure and, ultimately, truth.

The story takes you through this young man’s struggle and doubt with God throughout his 20’s and 30’s. He makes a decision one day that completely alters every aspect of his life.

Through many trying scenarios, the author has learned to:

Engage with, and be in sync with, God;
Think with a Christ-centered mindset in all he does;
Live life with excitement and purpose.

In this book you will also find:

  • Truth
  • Inspiration
  • Resolve
  • Hope

Another 20 Feet will motivate and inspire you to be more and do more in life, as well as challenge you to become closer to God. Join the author as God becomes his compass, ultimate guide, and companion on life’s journey.

This book is perfect for a gift!

Here’s what people are saying about Another 20 Feet:

“Another 20 Feet is an honest and open read. Aaron lays his heart out when faced with ups and downs in life and on the bike…but ultimately shows how leaning on God ALWAYS pays off in the long run. You will be encouraged if you take the time to read, I highly recommend it!”

Brian Smith- Station Manager
Christian Hit Radio
Power 88.3 & Hope FM 90.7