The Arcor Challenge

The challenge was started by our founder Aaron Hulett. Like many people, he had struggled with finding peace and balance in a busy life with a career, family and other responsibilities. It’s easy to let the most important areas of our lives take a back seat to the demands of other things. Aaron was looking for a simple way to ensure that his life priorities were inline with how God created us to live.

He knew that if he was right with God & healthy, many other areas of life would automatically fall in their right place.The Arcor Challenge is a 40 day plan that will help you prioritize those things in an effective and time efficient way.


A Minimum of 20 Minutes of Exercise
20 Minutes of Reading/ Prayer Time with God

Everyday For 40 Days

Your exercise time can include others but your reading/ prayer must done alone without interruptions from people or technology.


The Reason

To move God from something in your life to someone in your life.
To help improve the most important areas of your life